Scott Brinker unveils the new Marketing Technology Landscape

For Scott Brinker, editor of @Chiefmartec, it is a tradition to release the marketing technology landscape at the MarTech conference in San Jose. This useful infographic (sometimes hated amongst marketers due to its complexity) can help marketers to review their current Marketing Technology and take action to improve their martech stack.

The 2018 martech space continues to grow at a huge rate (27% growth over last year’s landscape), as evidenced by the nearly 7,000 companies included in latest Marketing Technology Landscape. The image below, from Chiefmartec, represents the growth, scale and the number of solutions of this space.



You can click on the graphic below to expand, as it is too large to be able to see individual logos.

Want a copy of the martech landscape for yourself? Click here to get it in full resolution.

What marketing stack is right for you and how to pick the right solution? Here some of my recommendations…

  1. Align your marketing strategy and technology to the customer journey. Start with the most important touchpoints.
  2. Before you invest in a new tool, make sure your team has the proper expertise and time to use it.
  3. Collaborate with IT to evaluate the best-fit technology solutions.
  4. Find the right balance between a suite that claims to do everything or a specialized solution that doesn’t connect with other platforms.
  5. First pick a problem, not a solution. Some important questions you need to ask: “why do we need a new system?”, “are we solving the problem with this new platform?”, “
  6. Try before you buy. It’s important to demo the application and perform a pilot using a free trial.

Remember, every new tool should help you to do what you do better, faster, or more efficiently. The key to choosing the right technology for your business is to understand what you’re already doing well, and what you need to do better. Need to reduce the cost per conversion?  Boost your landing pages conversion rates? Better manage costumer service across online channels?


What’s your favorite marketing technology solution? Share it with the community using the Twitter Hashtag #IdeaMarketing.

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