5 Free Tips for Successful Marketing Online

  1. Understands that the buyer’s journey is no longer linear.

    Based on a recent study from McKinsey – The Customer Decision Journey model – the buyer’s journey is now more circular, rather than linear. The study define four different phases during the customer’s journey: 1) initial consideration; 2) active evaluation across multiple touchpoints, or the process of researching potential purchases with a non stop access to information; 3) closure, when consumers buy brands; and 4) post-purchase, when consumers experience them (see image below). It is also important to mention that prospects or potential customers now enter to the sales cycle at any stage, jump stages, stay in a stage indefinitely, or even they can move back and forth between them. non-linear-customer-journey-sebastian-behar

  2. Learn to tell a good story.

    Storytelling from a marketing perspective is one of the essential techniques for creating good content marketing. Stories can be incorporated into any type of content: blogs, Facebook post, videos, whitepapers, and even your about us page to captivate your audience. Remember that the common denominator of a good storytelling is that first the story connects with the customer and then it sales a product.

  3. Never stop testing. Never stop experimenting.

    It seems like a simple tip — but more often than you would think, companies accept their status quo and fail to invest in growth. The best way to never stop experimenting and testing in digital marketing, is leaving aside a small percentage of your marketing budget to try and test new things: new tools, services, channels, and mediums.

  4. Email still as one of the most effective digital marketing tools.

    Email could be one of the most commonly used digital tactic by all marketers. Harris Interactive, states that 81% of digital shoppers say they are at least “somewhat likely” to make a purchase as a result of a targeted email. Econsultancy revealed that email was rated the top channel by ROI, ahead of content marketing, PPC, and SEO.

  5. Track your return on advertising expenditure.

    Last but not least, remember to measure the returns on your marketing investment and adjust your strategy accordingly. The most effective way to measure marketing ROI is to combine and compare data from different sources: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social Media, CRM, and from your marketing automation platform to identify correlations, track your return on advertising expenditure (ROAS), and number of leads, over time.


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