5 Free Tips for Successful Marketing Online

Understands that the buyer’s journey is no longer linear.

Based on a recent study from McKinsey – The Customer Decision Journey model – the buyer’s journey is now more circular, rather than linear. The study define four different phases during the customer’s journey: 1) initial consideration; 2) active evaluation across multiple touchpoints, or the process of researching potential purchases with a non stop access to information; 3) closure, when consumers buy brands; and…

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Are QR Codes Dead?

Few years ago, we have seen QR codes become increasing popular.They seemed to be the “next big thing” in marketing. Those black and white little squares were everywhere: product labels, retail store windows, print ads, outdoor advertisements, etc. Their presence would indicate an impressive adoption rate among most marketers.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome to IDEAMARKETING a rolling conversation on Marketing Technology and all subgroup therein. IDEAMARKETING features the latest news, innovations, industry research & insights about the power of Marketing and Technology (MarTech). You are welcome to share your thoughts with the crowd.  

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